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Knowledge / Errors / A T Ms

A T M Error: philatelic term for a deviation caused by an ATM error

Value Print Colour Error: ATM with a deviation from the intended value print colour caused by an error

Error Use: ATM with caused by an error value print in different design or position as planed on this form print

Pair Not Separated: two hanging together ATMs not cut separated caused by an error

Value Print Plate With Error: value printed from a caused by an error damaged printing form

Albino Value: ATM with colourless instead coloured value caused by an error; only the embossed outlines are visible

0000 Value Print: ATM caused by an error without gived value

Value Print on Reverse: ATM caused by an error with value print on reverse instead on front

Missing Value Print: ATM caused by an error without value print

Partly Missing Value: ATM caused by an error with partly missing value print

Inverted Value: ATM caused by an error with 180 degrees rotated horizontal value print

Double Value: ATM caused by an error with twice value print

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