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Perforation: by this process the paper between the stamps is cut away in a line of holes and paper is removed.

gumed perforated stamps

self-adhesive perforated stamps

tilted perforation lines

perforation with stars at the stamp corners

souvenir sheet with additional "USA" in the perforation line under the stamp

pair with oak leaf in between

round perforated stamps with partly shape of a peace pigeon

rough perforation: unclean perforation with paper rests in the perfs

missing perfin: caused by a broken perforation pin (error)

with additional diagonal perforation. each half could be used as ½ centavo stamps

with additional vertical perforation (error)

coil stamps with wide (left) and narrow tooth (right) at the left stamp

alternating perforation: one small and one wider hole alternately in the perforation lines

coil perforation: with irregularities in the perforation (syncopated perfs)

rhomb-shaped perforation: with rhomp-shaped instead of round perforation pins

security perforation: oval perforation hols to prevent counterfeiting

diamond perforation: stamps with a double perforation (error)

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